At Hasmonean, we pride ourselves on having an outstanding sixth form, which embodies the school ethos of Torah im derech Eretz by providing an inspiring Jewish education combined with an outstanding secular education.


Together, these provide solid foundations for each and every individual student. The collaborative approach in the sixth form ensures that our students are ready for whatever their futures hold. This can only be possible if everybody works together, cares for each other and looks out for each other and at Hasmonean, teachers and students do exactly that. Our students are treated as individuals and each one of them is provided with the care, guidance and support needed to flourish in the sixth form and to be fully prepared for life after sixth form.

Making the transition from GCSE to sixth form is a difficult one and all students and parents are supported in ensuring the right combination of subjects are selected from the wide variety of A Level and BTEC courses that we offer. In the sixth form, students are taught by teachers who are passionate about their subjects and who teach with enthusiasm and skill, transferring knowledge and expertise to ensure students have a positive experience and are prepared for their exams.

In the sixth form, students are also supported in making the best choices for life after Hasmonean. They are provided with help for Seminary and Yeshiva applications and with UCAS applications, to help them make the right choices for university. Support is also provided for students who choose alternative pathways, such as apprenticeships.

Students are given guidance in making career decisions and we host a variety of speakers who visit from universities and a range of careers. Students are also given opportunities to take leadership positions by applying to be Head Boy/Girl and to lead societies, including the Israel Society and Tzedokah (Charity department), where tens of thousands of pounds are raised each year for various charities.

We are incredibly proud of leading a sixth form which is inclusive and provides our students with the academic, personal and social development they need to leave as men and women who are ready to take on the world. We look forward to welcoming your son and/or daughter to the sixth form and if you have any questions, please be in touch.