Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education helps students to develop the understanding and skills to live confident, healthy and independent lives.  The school’s ‘Ethos, Vision and Values Statement’ makes very clear that it is an overarching aim of the school ‘nurture students to become happy, confident and respectful adults committed to living a life of Torah im Derech Eretz (authentic Torah-true Judaism accompanied with an active, positive contribution to the world around). PSHE education is an important vehicle in realising this aim.

The PSHE curriculum asks students to consider how they can make well-informed decisions in their future lives, based on kindness and empathy as well as an appreciation that we live a diverse society in which respect for all is paramount.

We provide PSHE education to Key Stages 3-5 through a blend of scheduled timetabled lessons, drop down PSHE/wellbeing days and assemblies/guest speakers. PSHE works through a spiral programme which expands and enriches key concepts, increases knowledge, deepens understanding, and develops key skills through a thematic approach. The PSHE Curriculum at Hasmonean is based around the Health Education Partnership’s (HEP) ‘PSHE and Wellbeing Framework.’ (HEP are commissioned to coordinate and/or support provision in a number of local authorities including Barnet). The HEP PSHE and Wellbeing Framework is built around the PSHE Association’s three core themes:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • Living in the Wider World

Learning Journey Maps

PSHE Learning Journey 7-11
PSHE Learning Journey 12-13