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Your Hasmonean Careers Coordinator is Ms E McDonald-Dick.

The careers advisor is: Ms Klingher

Appointments to discuss your careers can be made at the following email address:

Ms Klingher (

At Hasmonean, we aim to provide careers support which will inform students’ choices at each Key Stage. Our programme provides a wide insight for the lower key stages into the careers and vocations available, followed by information of job opportunities that match student’s interests and subject choices in Key Stage 4 and finally, we provide students with the support they need to get into university and post-18 pathways in employment or Apprenticeship. Almost all of our students go to university and out of them, the vast majority enrol to Russell Group universities. Students are guided through the entire UCAS process, beginning in Year 12 and leading up to their submission.

Our careers provision is supported with unbiased careers advice and supplemented with personalised interviews that track student career aspirations through Year 10 and 12. We also offer online-resources and testing that gives students recommendations on what careers match their personality and attainment profiles. Whilst many sixth formers apply to university whilst still in school, there are a number who do not apply until they are in Sem or Yeshiva; the support does not end just because a student has left the school. All alumni are provided with personal statement and UCAS support and this ranges from meetings and e-mails to telephone conversations and Skype calls.

The careers department signs up to a number of computer-support programmes including, iCould, Morrisby Testing and Unifrog, which are innovative search tools that allows students to find out more about careers choices, university courses and universities across the country. We also audit student’s subject choices and career intentions and map these continuously through a students’ school journey.

For sixth form, Hasmonean also has links with a variety of universities, such as King’s College, London School of Economics, UCL and the University of Cambridge and we visit the latter each summer so students can get a feel of the historic university and make a judgement as to whether it’s right for them. Every student is supported through the process, no matter where and when they wish to apply and individualised support is provided based on the needs of each student.

In Year 7, pupils encounter careers in a fun and experiential way. They research the careers choices that are available and pupils understand at a basic level what subject choices may lead to certain job areas. Pupils encounter careers through activities during a careers investigation on Unifrog in Computing lessons.

UNIFROG Finding the best universities and apprenticeships
Representing 24 leading UK universities
Taster and Open Day at London Universities
Apprenticeship search tool
Careers guidance platform for schools and colleges
Advice and guidance on apprenticeships and options for when you leave school
Advice and guidance about careers in medicine
For internships in various fields (at a cost)
Jump mentoring programme and guest speakers
Opportunities for apprenticeships across London
Courses and events on various degrees and careers
(at a cost)
Careers guidance
Careers guidance